About Detective Melvin Santiago

About Detective Melvin Santiago

Julie Weymouth


Detective Melvin Santiago
Melvin was born June 28, 1991. He was 6 months old when he was diagnosed with severe asthma, having to stay in the hospital on many occasions throughout his toddler years, but through it he was such a happy baby. With all he endured he never let it slow him down. Mel still walked through life happy, humble, eager to learn new things, confident (even when he was unsure), and always athletic. Mel was kind, compassionate, funny and loyal. He loved his family. He learned to ski at 5 years old and hit the slopes like a little pro!

He was 10 years when his little brother Alex was born. He was so happy to have a sibling and was an awesome big brother always playing, teaching and nurturing Alex. Mel was about 11 years old when he started to grow out of the asthma. By 13 he was playing on his schools flag football team.

When Mel started high school at Create Charter High he played as many sports as possible while maintaining great grades. He was on several different teams including Baseball, bowling and soccer. He made “All County” for goalie in soccer several years.Mel also became “scuba certified “ in high school. Upon graduating high school at 18 Melvin took the police test and scored a 97.325!!

He started college in the fall majoring in criminal justice, but couldn’t wait until he could become a Jersey City Police Officer. Melvin wanted to be a police officer since he was 3 years old just like his Uncle Frank who was like a father to him and who also served on the Jersey City Police Department. When he was 3 he would put on his Uncle Franks police boots and coat and run around the house! His dream was to work in the West District (just like his Uncle Frank). Melvin’s Uncle Joe is a retired JCPD Detective and his Uncle Vince is a SOG Member with Hudson County Correctional Facility. Melvin had strong role models in his life and always dreamed of being a police officer.

When he started the police academy in July, 2013 at 22 years old he was elated to fulfill his dream. Upon graduation he chose to work in the west district. Melvin wanted to make a difference. He wanted to help make a change, make the streets better, the community better and the city better for his family, his brother Alex and everyone. He went in the projects and played basketball with the kids, showing them cops are not the bad guy. He would stop to speak with the elderly, the homeless, the emotionally disturbed. Melvin didn’t judge. He had compassion and respect for everyone.
Melvin only had 7 short months on this earth as a police officer but he made a world of difference and left a lifelong impact on so many people and his story continues to touch people from all over.

Melvin will never be forgotten and his legacy will always go on. He was senselessly and viciously taken. Our lives forever changed. As his mother my heart is shattered and we will always feel incomplete. If Melvin was here he would help as many people as possible, that is why we started his foundation. Melvin was an amazing, amazing man. We never want his memory, his legacy, nor his compelling life story to be forgotten.

Thank you !

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